Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nothing to report

Today, I took a day off. I woke up, ate a little (left over ribs) then I went to a friend's house. Ate dinner there. Then went to my sis' and ate supper there. There might be a frost tonite....and it blows because usually we have a wonderfull September. And then there..Indian summer (I don't meant no disrespectfull to aboriginal people but that's how we call it..and btw my great great grand mother was aboriginal). But this year it's a cold September! My new cucumbers in the greenhouse still grow....but not as fast as the ones in the house. One of my old cucumber plant I left growing, started growing a new flower on a new vine.....Which is really nice but we'll see what happens with that because it doesn't have a flower of the other sex =S anyway I took a day off from my normal life =)


  1. I'm also experimenting with season extension this year, which is sort of a must if you're planning on becoming self sufficient. I'll be interested to hear about your experience and maybe compare notes!

  2. Ribs for breakfast - I love it! I stopped doing similar things to keep my husband alive, since he is the one who earnes money for my gardening needs. He used to almost faint seeing my meaty/fishy breakfasts. Now I am down to boring sereal/oatmeal, etc.

  3. Thomas..of course we'll exchanges notes!!! So far my cucumbers grow way faster in the house than in the greenhouse...and Tatyana meaty fishy breakfast you must be from England ;)....or canada for that matter lol