Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As you sow so shall you eat.

A big part of being self sustainable in not only growing your own food but also cooking it. We live in a world where we have the bad habit of buying processed food. We buy it because it's easier and takes less time that we don't have because we are working more to pay for these processed foods. But it's been a month now that I've decided to reduce this trend in my household.-Just for the reccord today, when I was coming home from work I bought myself fries. I didn't feel like cooking dinner...even if I had some of tha wonderful stew left. But as they say, bad habits die hard-. of late I've enjoyed cooking very much. I've started making my own pizzas, bread and jams (some recipes on my youtube page ;) more for fun... ). I've noticed that most food doesn't take that much time to make. It's just planning when and how to do it. Like bread, beside the rising time, it doesn't take that much time to actually make bread. And it comes cheaper than at the store, it can be way more healthier and the taste....well doesn't even compare! When you combine making your own food with using your homegrown start believing in the exsitence of God! =)


  1. Sometimes I face the same situation like you do. Knowing what's good but still selecting the bad stuff. I guess its the mind we need to control.

  2. LOL yeah I find the less I spend the less I get overcome with the spending bug lol

  3. Hi PainChaud, your pizza looks wonderful. Knowing where your food comes from is reassuring along with more healthy. We do what we can to be more self sufficient, but having that fast food available all the time is tempting. Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. Thanks a lot I guess all we can do is try our best =)

  5. Hey PainChaud -- my first experiment with growing tomatoes left me with way too many slicers -- so I slow roasted about 10 pounds of them. What a revelation!

    I've also started making pizza (I'm still tinkering with the baking technique), but now I can throw a few of my dried-out yummy tomatoes on top. It's awesome.

    Gardening is actually improving my cooking because now I'm searching for recipes to showcase the things I've grown. So it's actually more thriftiness and vanity that is motivating me, rather than slowing down -- to each his/her own!

    Next up: scallions/spring onions...

  6. Yeah roasted tomatoes are the best...OMG I'm gonna roast my cherry tomatoes!!!!God thanks so much didn'T even think of it!......and I do the same think when I see a certain vegetable that'll harvest soon...I strat checking for recipes and good luck with your scallions let me knoew how they turned out