Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gardening club

After seeing an article on how some people of Detroit are taking back the land that was abandoned due to the economic maked me want to start a gardening group...or club! Of course there are many benefits to having a local gardening club. Making friends who share a common passion or hobby is the first one that comes to mind...maybe even get some helping hands come harvest time ;). There's also seed, plant and knowlege sharing! Getting help and plant from the climate you live in can be invaluable, in time helping others with your tips and tricks will create a real gardening network! So needless to say that I'm thinking of starting one....I'll have all winter to think it over and get some info on managing such a group ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New green hobby: Rug Hooking!

Sometime last winter my sister picked up rug hooking as a hobby. What is rug hooking? Basically, it's an old way of reusing scraps of cloth by making something useful like a rug. Now it's mainly a traditional craft/art that people do as a hobby, though some people seem to be able to make some money by selling their creations. Sadly most rug hookers seem to use new materials made for rug hooking. Myself I still prefer the reusing aspect of it.

So after my sister showed me the basics....that are very easy to pick up, I also became a hooker!
Here my introduction to it . The second part.
And of course the more you hook the easier it gets ;). It would be hard to explain the basics so the videos should help you learn this. Put simply, you weave strips of cloth through burlap or monk's cloth using a hook...hence hooking.

For me it's the perfect winter craft, inbetween snow storms ;). And even after a good closet Spring cleaning I haven't trown away a single piece of clothing. I even find myself eyeing clothes in stores or on people's clotheslines with envy. The colors or the different textiles always seem like they would be good for hooking.

As far as creativity goes well it seems to satisfy my needs. I usually freehand my drawing on the burlap and think up the colors I'll use in my inventory. Then depending on the size, I have a few hours of hooking fun ;). Once the rug is done you get to keep your masterpiece where ever you like it! I have yet to sell one. So far they make great gifts but I'd like to sell one just for fun ;).

So! This is my latest green hobby!
Make sure, if you're intrested to check up on the subject. If you're a bit crafty ( even kids can do this easily!) I'm sure you might like this hobby too ;).

Thanks for reading. -PainChaud

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Testing the Blogger app for iphone ;)

So I kinda left my blog go for a long while now. But now that I've discovered this app and got an iphone. I just might start posting again. ;) I'm not sure how many of you, my followers are still here. But I guess I'll see and probably welcome new followers eventually ;).

Now a bit of news.
I'm still struggling towards a greener way of living. With all the useful sides and problems. At least I'm not regressing ;). My garden is about the same size as before. I'm still uploading videos about it on Youtube. I've picked up greener hobbies. Like rug hooking, swimming and biking. Oh and I'm using an iphone insteaf of a big computer for most of my internet needs ;). So let's finish this with a picture of tomatoes and wish for comments ;)