Sunday, August 12, 2012

Testing the Blogger app for iphone ;)

So I kinda left my blog go for a long while now. But now that I've discovered this app and got an iphone. I just might start posting again. ;) I'm not sure how many of you, my followers are still here. But I guess I'll see and probably welcome new followers eventually ;).

Now a bit of news.
I'm still struggling towards a greener way of living. With all the useful sides and problems. At least I'm not regressing ;). My garden is about the same size as before. I'm still uploading videos about it on Youtube. I've picked up greener hobbies. Like rug hooking, swimming and biking. Oh and I'm using an iphone insteaf of a big computer for most of my internet needs ;). So let's finish this with a picture of tomatoes and wish for comments ;)


  1. Oh la la! grosse tomate!

    eille, je pensais que tu avais abandonné blogger définitivement. moi j'y habite toujours.

    1. Ah wAn? Ben avec le nouvel app c'est simple to write on the go! ;)

  2. Keep enough time for your garden, your tomatoes look pretty good.