Thursday, December 3, 2009

More first snow!

Finally winter has arrived. Took a long time this year. And even now it's raining so....But at least the ground is starting to freeze. Wich will be great for killing fungus and some bugs. So the outside part of my gardening is over. My indoor gardening is going ok......I could've cared for it better...but since I had so many small flies....I had to let the dirt get dry so the maggots die. But a plant with minimal water doesn't grow very well. Next year I'll start with new dirt clean of flies =) So have a great week!


  1. Let it snow! Good luck with those fungus knats.
    Tell me if you find a good solution.

  2. Well so far letting the dirt dry or using bti....the others seem like they wouldn't work...oh and the snow melted already lol

  3. Yes, if nothing else, the cold is great for killing off the nasty stuff! We have about two feet or so, first snow on Halloween.

    CB in Alaska

  4. We have about a fot here now....but more to come soon =)