Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ground pepper video

The day before Christmas I decided to ground my chili pepper that had been hanging by the patio's the video....and it's a great way to store you excess peppers.


  1. I haven't visited you blog in a while and just wanted to see how your winter gardening adventures were coming along.

    Have a great new year of gardening!

  2. Yeah nothing much is hapening right now.....but in February it's gonna start over all again =)

  3. oh and Happy new year too!!! Hope you have great stuff for 2010!

  4. I enjoy your blog and videos. I've tried to make a couple of comments on your vidoes tonight but they don't show-up for some reason. I wanted to suggest that you join this yahoo group:

    Members can select 10 free packets of seed from the seed bank of heirloom seed. They just ask for postage or a small donation. I give a donation because they are in the US, they accept paypal.

    I'm going to do sguare foot gardening next year too this is my progress so far:

    Happy Gardening.

  5. I'll check it out...and weird about YouTube...I left some comment seemed to work fine

  6. I don't understand it either the first comment that I made worked fine but after that they just didn't load. I also asked to get your reply to this comment emailed to me and that hasn't happened yet either. Who knows.