Sunday, March 15, 2015

No more Jihad...

This post is not about jihadist or such things. I'll leave that to the news channels. It's mainly about my latest YouTube channel's name change.

As you might have seen on the links on this blog, I vlog and post videos to Youtube. In fact youtube is the olny place I've kept uploading "stuff" to. A while back (in fact during the thinking I did in the last post about gardening club) I decided to limit the time and energy I wasted online. As a result I left twitter, instagram, flickr, and lately facebook. I almost left Youtube too, not because of my mediarevolution but because of all the agro that my channel's name was bringing me. 
My channel's name was Jihadacadien...and while it was a reference to the Dune novels by Frank Herbert...well some people only saw the "J" word and felt like I needed to hear their opinion or needed a good threat. I won't go into people's motivations for telling me I should die or go back to afganistan (weird because I'm French canadian for as long as the colonisation of the New World began ;). So after a few douzen of threats I was seriously thinking of quiting the Youtube business...or start a new channel, I tried to change the channel's name again. I had before but ended up transforming my channel in a page under my google profile. But this time it worked!!!! 

This weirldy resparked my love for uploading information on the internet. I love the wired comunity feeling of Youtube and I got many messages af support from my subscribees witch felt great! Of course eventually I'll get the occasional "hater" but those never bothered me much. ;) 
I probably won't return to picture sharing and I'll keep facebook post to a minimal but this blog might start seeing more traffic and of course my Youtube channel will continue to entertain ;)

Here is the video I uploaded about the name change. I'll try to put a better link later.

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