Saturday, November 7, 2009

Compost your leaves

Yesterdays I finally got around raking the rest of the leaves. There was a lot and I placed them in my larger garden. They will add precious organic materials to the dirt for next year =) I also cleaned the garage so I can put my car in this winter. Now I only need to find some help and put mt small greenhouse in it =)
Have a great week everyone!
Here's the video I made that day..


  1. PC,
    Doesn't it feel good to tidy up for the winter? Can't wait to see your greenhouse installed!

  2. well it was installed all summer long but I made it so I can store it in my garage during the winter. And as much a bother winter can be here..I wouldn't go live anywhere else. Winter seems to cleanse evrything with it's deadly frost. When Spring arrives it's the most wonderfull thing =)here a vid of my greenhouse =)

  3. A task I badly need to do too. Cool old house in the background.

  4. Yeah I could do this again tonite since the wind brought me more leaves lol (it's and old centenial house....there's a lot of those here).