Friday, October 23, 2009

Climat differences

Last night there was a snow fall. All around here but not actually where I live. The same thing goes for frost. The main thing is that I live in a coastal town. And the humidity and warmth (I suppose) from so much water affects the climat. Plus the unstable maritime weather all year round can be a challenge for gardening of all kind. Especially for trees. Some winters can destroy much of the buds...or just be too humid....weird. The last two years, we had a lot of snow at once before the ground froze. In Spring the snow melted diffrently and broke everything that was under it. I don't know what kind of winter this will be but I hope it's cold with less snow. Anyway I'm babling on....have a good one!


  1. On one hand, I'd like it to be autumn all winter long, with a few days of snow at Christmas. On the other, a good snowcover and winter dormancy are necessary for many wonderful garden plants (such as peonies). So, perhaps my solution would be a villa in the south of France for the winter, with a Canadian garden to return to each spring. Till I win the lottery, though (which isn't likely, as I never buy tickets), I guess I'll just have to put up with another Toronto winter. Happy gardening, stay chaud, painchaud -- et bon jardinage!

  2. Merci...I wouldn't get rid of winter..even if it's pretty harsh here. The first snow is always awsome and even after 3 months it's such a relief to see it all melt in Spring =)