Monday, August 31, 2009

How it all 2008

I suppose my first post should be about how this crazy adventure all began.
Well first of all, I've always been weird and stubborn enough not to follow the group. And after a first attempt at growing food on my backyard porch.....something in me strated to.....bloom. I was just a few plants that I started from seed in May. So I didn't get much of a harvest and even then it was a late one. Out of pure curiosity I took a chili pepper tree that had produce two chilis but were treatened by frost indoor. As the weeks passed the pepper tree kept growing and flowering. Winter came and just a few feet from the snow outside it continued to give me peppers. It must have given me at least 250. I know it seems unbelievable but it's true. What was just an experiment turned into a great pleasure and fun. And as i was tending my tree, I started reading on the subject of vegetable production and started planning for a garden the next year. In my second year of growing my own food and after reading more and more I found something called self suficiency. And a lot of people that are actually growing all of their food themselves, sometimes in the middle of huge cities. And here I am now.....more and more on my way to my own self sufficiency. Hope you come along for the ride =) I'm gonna let you in on my plan.....for backyard domination!

P.S.: My pepper tree was returned to the earth two weeks ago. but his seedlings still bloom in my garden and he will enrich the dirt of his future generation with his compost.

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